We take pride in our work and provide quality cleaning that goes above and beyond your normal “house cleaner.”

A home that looks and feels clean will likely sell quicker than the others...

Let us help make your new home move-in ready with a thorough cleaning from floor to ceiling...
Cowboy Cleaning can now help you round-up the dirt for your entire home including your carpet. You'll be amazed at our State-Of-The Art carpet cleaning equipment that leaves you home front clean and dry in 2 hours or less. It'll leave you saying, YEE HA!
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Bobby Lee Wilcox

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Hardwood floors looking dull?
Let Cowboy Cleaners bring them back to life!
We can bring the shine back to your dull floors. First we will scrub them with Wood Floor Prepare, a solvent cleaner that deep cleans wood flooring. Then we will mop them with a wood floor wash that’s PH balanced for the health of your wood. And to protect your floors we will apply a wood floor finish which forms a lustrous protective coating that prevents dirt from penetrating the finish and helps to prevent scratches in your restored flooring.
Why Cowboy Cleaning?
Like in the wild west, Bobby Lee Wilcox is a frontier in his industry. His company Cowboy Cleaning will take on the big jobs that others won't; and he is always seeking out the latest technology to do the job right. His pioneer spirit has brought to Cowboy Cleaning's clients the unique wood floor cleaning system that brings dull floors back to life with a lustrous shine. Also, the deep cleaning and disinfecting effects of 120 F steam with the Viper Steam Cleaner. And now, the latest new buffing carpet cleaning system allowing carpet cleaning without all of the hassle of strong chemicals or too much water. These are innovations that you won't find in your typical cleaning company, and they can only be brought to you by a true cowboy.
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