"As a Realtor I see all types of homes in various states of cleanliness, many of which could benefit from the services of an expert cleaning service in order to achieve the highest possible price. When I need a completely thorough effort to greatly improve the prospects of a seller, I call Bobby Wilcox of Cowboy Cleaning Service.
The work performed by Bobby can pass the "white glove test" of the most particular buyers. One can have absolute confidence that every surface in a home, including cupboard shelf surfaces and dark corners, will have a completely professional and top level state of completion when Bobby states the job is done. As a particular specialty, wood flooring is magnificent once Bobby has finished his magic!
When I recently sold my own home I hired Cowboy Cleaning Service, just prior to turning it over to the buyer, because I knew I could count on Bobby Wilcox to transform every detail into a finished product I could be proud of when the keys finally exchanged hands.
For the very best service in dependable cleaning at realistic prices, Bobby Wilcox is the one to call."

    Bill Bergeson
    Associate Broker
    John L. Scott Real Estate / Laurelhurst

Hi Bobby:
I just heard today that you got the cleaning project for the big house on Capitol Hill. I recommended you very highly to my friend who owns a construction remodel company. The owner, Jim, asked me if I knew anyone who did expert cleaning, and naturally, I thought of you first because of your great track record on the work you performed for me. I prefaced my recommendation by saying that you are the best there is, and if they want the best they will have to pay for it. I also said that if they want a half-baked job, go elsewhere and pay accordingly. I didn't see the inside of the house until today when I went through it with Jim. You do, indeed, have your work cut out for you! That upstairs shower with glass sliding doors is truly nasty; Jim told me you said it would probably take 4 hours to clean it up. I have no doubt in my mind that will be the case! The wood floors in there also look like quite a challenge, but I know you will do a marvelous job considering what scuffed condition they are in. Good luck all around. If anyone can improve that place I know that you are the one most capable.
My best luck to you on the hard work ahead and results I know you will achieve.

    Bill Bergeson
    John L. Scott Real Estate

Hi Bobby:
Thank you for the great carpet cleaning that you did for my mother. The carpets look much better. And, I was surprised that even some of the old stains came out without waiting day for it to dry.
    Jeanne Eagleson, Broadmoore

"Just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the floors after you cleaned them for us!! I was very pleased with the help you gave me with the spots that appeared later, and your advice on cleaning products."

    A. Brozavich
    West Seattle

"Bobby and his crew are amazing! I highly reccomend Cowboy Cleaning Services."

    H. Hale
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